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Kappa of Illinois Membership Criteria

This is only a SUMMARY OF MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA, for a full explanation of criteria, please check the document Membership Criteria for Members in Course. General criteria are listed below in short form below as applied to Loyola's 120-credit bachelor's degrees; then some additional details are included regarding election as a Junior or Senior.


Stipulation 1:
Eligible students shall be candidates for a bachelor's degree to include at least 90 credits of coursework in the liberal arts and sciences. Work of an "applied or professional" nature is not counted towards the required number of liberal arts credits or for computing the liberal arts grade point average.
Stipulation 2:
Weight shall be given to the breadth and depth of study in liberal arts and sciences.
Stipulation 3 effective Spring 2015:
Candidates shall have demonstrated, by successful work in high school or college, or in the two together, a knowledge of a second or non-native language at least minimally appropriate for a liberal education. In no case shall this mean less than the completion of the intermediate college level in a second, or non-native, language, or its equivalent.
Stipulation 4 effective Spring 2015:
The candidate's undergraduate record shall include at least one course in college-level mathematics, logic, or statistics, with content appropriate to a liberal arts and sciences curriculum. The course should introduce the student to mathematical ideas, abstract thinking, proofs, and the axiomatic method.
Stipulation 5:
In keeping with the Founders' interest in fostering not only academic excellence but also friendship and morality, invitation to Phi Beta Kappa should be extended only to persons of good moral character.



N.B. for election to the Kappa chapter, both juniors and seniors must be presented for election and voted on by Loyola University Chicago Phi Beta Kappa members. Satisfying the membership criteria listed above guarantees nomination, but does not guarantee that the student will be elected to the society. This occurs only when the student is elected by a vote of the chapter's electoral body.

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